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FPTalks 2023

The leading edge of floating-point research

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Online. July 6, 2023.

FPTalks 2023 was held online on July 6, 2023 on Zoom. Talks were 10 minutes long, followed by audience questions over Slack. Talks were recorded and are available on Youtube.

Welcome (Recording)

Session 1

GPUs Rule Everything Around Me

Edward Yang, Meta AI

Expression Isolation of Compiler-Induced Numerical Inconsistencies in Heterogeneous Code

Dolores Miao, University of California, Davis

Odyssey: An Interactive Workbench for Expert-Driven Floating-Point Expression Rewriting

Edward Misback, University of Washington

Smooth: An arbitrary-precision differentiable programming language

Ben Sherman


Session 2

New computations of Poisson polynomials: An application of very high-precision floating-point arithmetic

David H. Bailey, LBNL (retired)

Novel Numerical Hardware Design Methodology: From machine readable specification to optimized RTL

Sam Coward, Intel & Imperial College London

Verifying Programs That Use Trigonometry

Martin Brain, City, University of London


Session 3

Math functions in LLVM libc or yet another correctly rounded libm

Tue Ly, Google

A provably correct floating-point implementation of Well Clear Avionics Concepts

Nikson Bernardes Fernandes Ferreira, University of Brasília

CORE-MATH: progress report

Paul Zimmermann, INRIA, Nancy

Bounds on Non-Linear Errors for Variance Computation with Stochastic Rounding

El-Mehdi El Arar, Université Paris-Saclay

Conclusion (Recording)

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