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  author={Nasrine Damouche and Matthieu Martel and Pavel Panchekha and Jason Qiu and Alex Sanchez-Stern and Zachary Tatlock},
  title={Toward a Standard Benchmark Format and Suite for Floating-Point Analysis},

Toward a Standard Benchmark Format and Suite for Floating-Point Analysis

NSV’16: N. Damouche, M. Martel, P. Panchekha, C. Qiu, A. Sanchez-Stern, and Z. Tatlock

Papers using FPBench

  1. Inferring Interval-Valued Floating-Point Preconditions

    EAPLS'22: J. Krämer, L. Blatter, E. Darulova , M. Ulbrich
  2. Constrained Precision Tuning

    ArXiv: D. Ben Khalifa, M. Martel
  3. Dandelion: Certified Approximations of Elementary Functions

    ArXiv: H. Becker, M. Tekriwal, E. Darulova, A. Volkova, J.B. Jeannin
  4. Floating-point numbers round-off error analysis by constraint programming

    Thesis: R. Garcia
  5. The Laplace Microarchitecture for Tracking Data Uncertainty and Its Implementation in a RISC-V Processor

    MICRO'21': V. Tsoutsouras, O. Kaparounakis, B. Bilgin, C. Samarakoon, J. Meech, J. Heck, P. Stanley-Marbell
  6. On Automized Error Analysis for Numerical Solvers of Differential Equations

    Thesis: T. Soennecken
  7. Regime Inference for Sound Floating-Point Optimizations

    Trans. Emb. Comp. Sys. 2021: R. Rabe, A. Izycheva, E. Darulova
  8. Rounding

    Thesis: B. Zorn
  9. Combining Precision Tuning and Rewriting

    ARITH'21: B. Saiki, O. Flatt, C. Nandi, P. Panchekha
  10. Rigorous Roundoff Error Analysis of Probabilistic Floating-Point Computations

    CAV'21: G. Constantinides, F. Dahlqvist, Z Rakamarić, R. Salvia
  11. A Two-Phase Approach for Conditional Floating-Point Verification

    TACAS'21: D. Lohar, C. Jeangoudoux, J. Sobel, E. Darulova, M. Christakis
  12. Preserving Numerical Program Properties under Computing Uncertainties

    Thesis: Y. Gu
  13. Runtime Abstract Interpretation for Numerical Accuracy and Robustness

    VMCAI'21: F. Védrine, M. Jacquemin, N. Kosmatov, J. Signoles
  14. Rigorous Enclosure of Round-Off Errors in Floating-Point Computations

    NSV'20: R. Garcia, C. Michel, M. Rueher
  15. Error detection of arithmetic expressions

    J. Supercomputing: Y. Xia, S. Guo, J. Hao, D. Liu, J. Xu
  16. Towards Numerical Assistants

    NSV'20: P. Panchekha, Z. Tatlock
  17. An Abstraction-guided Approach to Scalable and Rigorous Floating-Point Error Analysis

    SC'20: A. Das, I. Briggs, G. Gopalakrishnan, P. Panchekha, and S. Krishnamoorthy
  18. Accelerating Accuracy Improvement for Floating Point Programs via Memory Based Pruning

    Internetware'20: A. Xiao, E. Tang, X. Chen, L. Wang
  19. A Branch-and-bound Algorithm to Rigorously Enclose the Round-Off Errors

    CP'20: R. Garcia, C. Michel, M. Rueher
  20. A Probabilistic Approach to Floating-Point Arithmetic

    Asilomar'19: F. Dahlqvist, R. Salvia, G. Constantinides
  21. Toward Multi-Precision, Multi-Format Numerics

    Correctness’19: D. Thien, B. Zorn, P. Panchekha, Z. Tatlock
    Introduced the FPBench 1.2 standards and the formalism of multi-precision, multi-format computation.
  22. Building Better Bit-Blasting for Floating-Point Problems

    TACAS’19: M. Brain, F. Schanda, and Y. Sun
  23. A Mixed Real and Floating-Point Solver

    NFM’19: R. Salvia, L. Titulo, M. A. Feliu, M. M. Moscato, C. A. Munoz, and Z. Rakamric
  24. Dedicated Search Strategies For Finding Critical Counterexamples In Programs With Floating Point Computations

    AITest’19: M. Claude and M. Rueher
  25. Daisy - Framework for Analysis and Optimization of Numerical Programs

    TACAS’18 (Tool paper): E. Darulova, A. Izycheva, F. Nasir, F. Ritter, H. Becker, and R. Bastian
  26. Mixed Precision Tuning with Salsa

    PECCS’18 N. Damouche, M. Martel
  27. Search strategies for solving constraint systems over floats for program verification

    Thesis H. Zitoun
  28. Combining Tools for Optimization and Analysis of Floating-Point Computations

    FM’18: H. Becker, P. Panchekha, E. Darulova, and Z. Tatlock
    Combining Daisy and Herbie using FPBench tools. All scripts are available.
  29. Quatorzièmes Journées Francophones de Programmation par Contraintes

    JFPC: C. Terrioux
  30. A Reduced Product of Absolute and Relative Error Bounds for Floating-Point Analysis

    SAS’18: M. Jacquemin, S. Putot, and F. Védrine
  31. Software Tools for Variable-Precision Computing

    Technical Report: M. Lam
  32. Automated Repair of High Inaccuraciesin Numerical Programs

    ICSME’17: X. Yi, L. Chen, X. Mao, and T. Ji
  33. Sub-domain Selection Strategies For Floating Point Constraint Systems

    HAL: H. Zitoun, C. Michel, M. Rueher, and L. Michel
  34. Toward a Standard Benchmark Format and Suite for Floating-Point Analysis

    NSV’16: N. Damouche, M. Martel, P. Panchekha, C. Qiu, A. Sanchez-Stern, and Z. Tatlock
    Introduced the FPBench 1.0 standards.